The standard pumping unit is equipped for discharge of 75 LPM ( 20 US GPM ) at 35 Kg/Sq. Cm ( 500 PSI ). The discharge and pressure can be varied , if required.The pump can be supplied with or without Five Speed Transmission and is powered by Air Cooled Diesel Engine developing 9 / 12 H. P. at 1500 RPM. Optionally it can be powered by suitable Air or Electric Motor.



The standard pumping is capable to delivering 75LPM (20 US GPM ) at 35 kg/sq. cm ( 500 PSI ). The standard power unit is 12 H.P. Air cooled Diesel Engine but pump can be supplied with electric motor or air motor drive. If required.
Some salient features of above pumps :

  • Valve Chamber : Specially designed and manufactured from close grained alloy iron casing to withstand high pressure.
  • Ball Valve : Made of stainless steel, hardened , ground and lapped.
  • Valve Seat : Made of stainless hardened and ground.
  • Counter Shaft : Made of alloy steel and hardened for long service life.
  • Tapered Roller Bearings : Crankshaft is supported in oversized tapered roller bearings for high load capacity and minimizing heat and wear.
  • Crank case : Made from high quality grey iron casting, precision machined having honed cross head guide