This is a Duplex, Double, Acting Mud Pump. It can be supplied with liners varying from 75 mm ID to 127 mm ID. The stroke is approximately 165 mm With 127 mm ID liner it gives a discharge up to 800 LPM at 22 Kg. / Sq. Cm and with 75 mm ID Liner the discharge will be 275 LPM at 63 Kg. / Sq. Cm pressure.



Rockdril Model RD-470 Triplex reciprocating Mud pump has been specially designed and developed for drilling a wide range of exploratory bore holes in most of the formations using different mud fluids. It incorporates the most modern technology. Most carefully selected raw material and components are used in its manufacturing to make it a highly efficient and reliable pumping unit.

Model RD-470 offers a choice of discharge and pressure rating upto 400 LPM and 70 kg./ respectively. It can be equipped with liners having ID ranging from 72 mm to 100 mm to meet the specific requirement of discharge and pressure. In addition it can be provided with 4/5 speed gear box to further vary the discharge to meet particular drilling requirement. This eliminated the need to by-pass circulating mud fluid. Model RD-470 is a highly versatile unit suitable for drilling large diameter exploration bore-holes or deep slim bore-holes.