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Fishing Tools


We manufacture high precision Recovery Tap/ Fishing Tool. The Recovery taps are made of low carbon alloy steel and are case carburised to get high strength, high toughness and easy tapping.

      1. Both male & female type recovery Taps are available
      2. Both Left Hand & Right Hand Male & Female tye Recovery Taps are available
      3. Recovery Taps available for AW, BW, NW, HW etc. Drill Rods and Couplings
      4. Recovery Taps available for all sizes of flush joint & Flush Coupled casings.
      5.Recovery Taps available for B,N, H & P size Wireline Drill Rods.

Wireline Core Barrels


Wireline Core Drilling is a special type of drilling mostly used for mineral exploration. It is seen that during conventional drilling more time is spent in hoisting and lowering of drill string for taking out the core. With the objective of cutting down the time spent is hosting & lowering of drill string the wireline system was developed.

The wireline core barrel has a retractable inner tube which can be removed with the help of overshot assembly once the 3 mt drilling is completed. The bit, barrel & drillrods need not to be removed to take out the core there by reducing the down time considerably.

The wireline core barrels are made of high strength cold drawn seamless steel tubes and are available in different length. The outer tube of the core barrel is Hard Chrome plated to a length of 18” on both the ends.

Rockdrill manufactures precision machined high quality double tube and triple tube. Wireline core barrel of following Sizes.

  • 1. RBWL Double Tube & Triple Tube Core Barrel
  • 2. RNWL Double Tube & Triple Core Barrel
  • 3. RHWL Double Tube & Triple Core Barrel
  • 4. RPWL Double Tube & Triple Tube core Barrel



Rockdril make Wireline Drill Rods are manufactured from high quality cold drawn seamless steel tubes procured from steel mills with state of art manufacturing technology. These rods are made by SAE- 1541 or SAE- 1040 Steel and are precision machined on CNC machines. The box end of drill rods are hard chrome plated to give extra strength from wear & tear.

Rockdril (India ) manufactures following size of Wireline Drill Rods: -

  • 1. RBWL Wireline Drill Rods
  • 2. RNWl Wireline Drill Rods
  • 3. RHWl Wireline Drill Rods
  • 4. RPWL Wireline Drill Rods

Subs Adaptors


Rockdril manufactures a variety of Subs & Adaptors of different combintations. These Subs & Adaptors are manufactured from Carbon Steel or Alloy steel as required by the customers. These subs may be Right Hand threaded or Left Hand threaded as per customer requirement.

Hoisting Plug


Hoisting plug is a simple hoisting device with swivel connection. It is used for lifting the Drill rods/casings from the hole during making up or breaking out of rod string .

The hoisting plug is of light weight and compact dimensions. It is of a simple design and can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Subs are available to adapt all types of rods & casings including wire line drill rods.



Casings are used in diamond core drilling in case of fractured, broken or porous rock formation to prevent caving material from entering the drill hole. Rockdril manufactures ‘ X ’ series and ‘ W ’ series casings. The casings are manufacture from cold drawn seamless steel tubes of grade SAE 1541 or SAE 1040 (As per customer’s requirement) Conforming to DCDMA/BSS standard and are precision machined on CNC machines for accuracy & interchangeability. The rods are available in different lengths.

DCDMA/BS- 4019 'X' series flush coupled casings

Size OD ID Wt kg per 3mts (approx)
AX 57.1 50.8 13
BX 73.0 65.1 21
NX 88.9 80.9 26
FX 114.3 104.8 39

'W' Series Flush Joint Casings

Size OD ID Wt kg per 3mts (approx)
AW 57.1 48.4 17
BW 73.0 60.5 32
NW 88.9 76.2 40
HW 114.3 101.6 50

Core Splitters

core splitter

Core splitters are used to split the core length wise for study and analysis. The core is split into two halves. One set is used for chemical and other half is preserved as in original for later checking and analysis.

The core splitter can handle cores up to 3” size in diameter and 4” in length.

The core is split by laying it length wise on the vee block having a blade at the bottom and lowering another blade by rotating the hand wheel when blades are in firm contact with the core a sharp blow is given a hammer on the rod cap which will split the core.

The blades are made out of high grade steel and are hardened for long life.

Woomer Safety Foot clamp


Woomer safety foot clamp is an extra heavy duty foot clamp used for holding the drill string in deep holes . The jaws are engaged by the cam lever as it moves upward in relation to the sides. The connecting linkage between the two cam levers assures equal movement of each to keep the jaw faces vertical

Woomer safety foot clamp is made from high tensile alloy steel castings and jaws are hardened & case carburised for long life. The clamp can accommodate rods and casings upto 90 mm diameter.

Universal Safety foot clamp


A universal safety foot clamp is used to hold the drill string and prevent it from dropping down the hole while making or breaking a long string of Rods. The universal safety foot clamp is a robust and heavy duty clamp which can accomodate various size of Drill Rods and casings varying from AW drill rod to HW drill rods and AX casings to NX casing size

Water Swivels


Rockdril manufactures and supplies heavy duty water swivels for diamond core drilling applications. Various sizes of adaptors and coupling are available to suit different types of drill rods

The body of the water swivel is made of carbon steel & wash pipe is made of alloy steel which is hardened ground and hard chrome plated for better longevity.

Automatic Self Trip SPT Hammer


The Automatic Self Tripping SPT Hammer is designed for driving the Split Tube Sampler required for Standard Penetration Test (SPT) as per BS 1377:Part 9:1990

The Automatic Trip Hammer comprises of a wt of 63.5 * 0.5 Kg with a lifting up and self tripping mechanism that ensures the weight has a free fall of 20mm * 760mm

Conventional Drill Rods


Rockdril manufactures conventional W series parallel Wall Drill Rods. These drill rods are manufactured as per DCDMA/BSS standards. The drill rods are made of cold drawn seamless steel tubes of SAE 1541 or SAE 1040 Grade and are precision machined on CNC machines for accuracy and interchangeability. The couplings are manufactured out of high tensile Alloy steel. The Rods are available in different lengths. Left Hand threaded rods can also the manufactured on customers request.

DCDMA/BS-4019 DRILL Rods (Parallel Wall)

Size OD ID Wt 3mts (Kg) without coupling
AW 43.76 31.85 17
BW 54.10 38.91 26.5
NW 66.80 51.68 33.5