Single Cylinder Double Acting Reciprocating Mud /Grout Pump having 60 LPM discharge at 20 Kg./ Sq. cm pressure. The pump can be supplied with air cooled diesel engine or electric motor to suit customer’s requirement. This is a very light weight , compact pumping unit suitable for grouting and drilling application.



Model TGP-50 is single cylinder,double acting,reciprocating piston pump for injection of cement grout. It can also be used with drills for drilling for soil investigation and shallow mineral exploration. It is a very compact, light weight,efficient and convenient pump for the site conditions. It is very dependable and reliable pumping unit.


Model : TGP-50
Type : Single Cylinder, Double Acting Piston Pump
Suction Bore : 38 mm (1.5″)
Discharge Bore : 25 mm (1″)
Cylinder Diameter : 68 mm
Piston Stroke : 60 mm
Discharge Capacity : 60 LPM
Discharge Pressure : 20 Kg/cm2
Power unit : 5.0 HP (3.7 KW)
Weight (Approx) : 100 Kg (Bare Pump)