This is a Duplex, Double, Acting Mud Pump. It can be supplied with liners varying from 75 mm ID to 127 mm ID. The stroke is approximately 165 mm With 127 mm ID liner it gives a discharge up to 800 LPM at 22 Kg. / Sq. Cm and with 75 mm ID Liner the discharge will be 275 LPM at 63 Kg. / Sq. cm pressure.



Rockdril Model RD-900 Duplex, Double Acting, reciprocating Mud Pumps has been very carefully designed and built to provide a most reliable and efficient pumping unit for drilling. This is a ruggedly built duplex pump which incorporates the most modern design features and selected raw material and components.

Model RD-900 can be provided with liner varying from 75 mm to 127 mm ID depending upon the user’s requirement of discharge and pressure. The stroke is approximately 165 mm. It has alloy cast iron power-end frame and also alloy cast iron fluid-end. The pump power end has multiple roller chain driver. The eccentric sprocket is fabricated & Jack shaft is a single piece made of alloy steel.

The pump is fitted with hardened liners, piston rods, valves and valve seat to ensure long trouble free service life. The valve are wing guided type suitable for handling a wide range of drilling mud fluids.

A choice of drive arrangement can be provided, such as, Chain Multiple V-Belt Drive etc., to suit individual customer’s requirement.