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Quality of Diamonds

  • Standard Processed Diamonds : These diamonds are economically priced standard quality. Processed diamonds recommended for casting Bits, casting shoes and conventional reamer shells. This quality is also recommended for coring bits for drilling in certain limited formations.
  • Superior Processed Diamonds : These diamonds are specially processed. They undergo treatments to improve their shapes and surface .Recommended for drilling in all types of formations by conventional drilling.
  • Premium Processed Diamonds : These diamonds are specially selected polished and engineered to adapt their shape and surface conditions. Strongly recommended for all applications in Wire line Bits, Conventional bits for drilling hard, Fractured/broken formations.
General Guide For Selection Of Diamond Bits
Rock Formation Diamond Size Matrix Recommended
Non Abrasive/Abrasive
Very Soft Talc,Bauxite 4/7 spc Hard Extra Hard
Soft Gypsum, Rock Salt Coal, etc. 10/25 spc Hard Extra Hard
Medium Hard Fluorite, Dolomite, Sandstone etc. 15/25spc Hard Extra Hard
Hard (Solid & Broken) Apatite, Soft Granite, Coarse Gneiss 25/40spc Hard Extra Hard
Hard (Solid Formation) Fine Gneiss, Hard Granite etc. 40/60spc Regular Extra Hard
Very Hard (Solid Formation) Quartz, Chert 60/80spc Hard Extra Hard
Very Hard(Broken) Broken Quartz, Quartzitic Veins, Cherts etc. 122.6 359.8 Extra Hard


Rockdril have been manufacturing diamond drilling & coring Bits for more than two decades. We have manufactured & supplied a wide range and styles of bits to customers in sizeup to 12.1/4". Rockdril bits are engineered to give optimum performance. These are manufactured using carefully selected raw materials with modern manufacturing technology .

Rockdril use premium quality natural diamonds as standard in all their bits. This ensures a consistent quality product for users.


Diamond Quality : Premium Quality natural stones, rounded and polished to improve its resistance to wear are recommended for best performance results. These diamonds are generally free cracks with brittle / sharp edges properly rounded.

  • Diamond Size:
  • Very hard formation - 12 to 15spc
  • Hard dense formation - 8 to 10spc
  • Medium Hard - 6 to 7spc
  • Soft-Medium Soft - 2 to 4 spc
  • Size of Bits : We recommend using diamond bits size 1/16" smaller than the size of bit used. In special case 1/ 32"undersize can also be used. When ordering core bits please indicate the make, type and size of core barrel in use.

    Note : In addition to the types / styles of bits mentioned above we can design and manufacture special bits in sizes up to 12" as per customers specifications. This means that our manufacturing range extends beyond the type described above.

    We are continuously updating our products and there for reserve the right to make any changes in design and specification without any notice.

  • Style RD – C201

    This bit has natural diamond cutters with natural diamond OD & ID gauge with erosion resistant matrix body and is suitable for medium to hard formations

  • Style RD – C22

    This bit has erosion resistant matrix body and set with natural diamond cutters and OD & ID gauge.This has reverse spiral fluid channels & is recommended for soft to medium formations

  • Style RD – C23

    This bit has erosion resistant matrix body and is set with natural diamond cutters on the crown and OD & ID gauge.This bit is recommended for hard dense formation.

  • Style RD – CB17

    This bit is suitable for maximum penetration rate in soft and medium soft formations.It is normally supplied in face discharge type to prevent washing of core